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Rhino Spray On Bed Liners

Since the company’s inception in 1988, the mission of Rhino Linings Corporation (“Rhino”) has been to develop proprietary, high performance chemical formulations and design top-quality processing equipment for commercial, industrial and retail applications. From polyurethanes to epoxies, Rhino offers a wide variety of 100% solids, environmentally-friendly products containing no volatile organic compounds and no solvents. Adhering tenaciously to virtually all surfaces, every Rhino formulation may be customized to meet specific application requirements.


Since 1988, Rhino Linings Corporation has continued to experience solid growth every year and dominates its original market of sprayed-on linings. Rhino has strategically positioned itself in several markets, operating five business divisions: Rhino Linings, Rhino Industrial, Rhino Epoxy, Rhino Home Pro and Rhino Military. Each division of Rhino Linings Corporation is held to the highest levels of excellence. The result is an organization which operates at the greatest level of customer satisfaction and support. Rhino embraces the responsibility it holds to its staff and customers and is committed to serving its industry long into the future.

With the expansion of Rhino in worldwide sales, the corporation continues to contribute substantial investments in distribution centers throughout North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. With these distribution centers, Rhino has provided prompt shipments to all locations around the globe, regardless of quantities required. Clients enjoy confidence in uninterrupted material supply.

Today, domestic and international retail dealers and industrial accounts are realizing the advantages of Rhino’s specialized formulations, comprehensive system packages, practical experience and professional support...all the elements necessary to create mutually-successful long-term business relationships.

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