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CSTL Spare Tire Lock

A spare tire lock is needed to keep your spare tire secure so the tire is there when you need it most. But who remembers where the key is because it's used rarely?
The answer, the BOLT™ Spare Tire Lock. What more convenient way to unlock a spare tire than t use your own vehicle key to do it? With the same durability and strength built into this lock as all the other BOLT™ locks, there isn't a simpler more convenient solution.

  • Zinc plated steel bracket
  • Locks over wheel studs up to 1/2" diameter

The BOLT™ (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) Series of locks are the World’s First Codeable Locks. These locks can be programmed to match your car key. You can have a lock for your toolbox, shed door, locker, receiver, camper, bicycle, tree stand, etc…and program them all to match your one vehicle key. And you’re able to add a lock at any point without worrying about keyed-alike sets – you already OWN the key!

These innovative locks redefine security, durability and convenience!

Lock Head Construction:

  • Automotive grade, plated zinc die cast head
  • Automotive grade, zinc die cast lock cylinder
  • Hard chrome plated ball bearings
  • Automotive grade, weather-resistant shutter keeps out dust and dirt
  • Two o-rings in the lock head for moisture and dust protection
  • Rugged, protective jacket with moisture resistant dust cap
  • 6-plate tumbler sidebar makes it nearly impossible to pick or bump


  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Programmed by you to work with your vehicle key
  • Fits over 88% of light trucks on the road and over 70% of all Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles on the road
  • Compatible with 111 million vehicles
  • No more forgetting where you put your seldom used keys
  • No extra keys to worry about
  • No combinations to remember

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