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Available in Durable Black Powder-coat finish (First Image) or Brite Anodized finish (Last Image).



Important Note: This product is designed for permanent installation. Drilling into the vehicle's roof panel is required.

DynaSport Roof Rails are not designed to fit, align with, or utilize the pre-installed fitment points embedded in some vehicle roof panels used for attaching OEM Roof Racks and/or Roof Rails!

DynaSport Roof Rails Features

  • Low-profile aerodynamic styling! Great looking DynaSport™ Roof Rails offer a system that is similar in appearance to many factory-installed rails.
  • Inexpensive, easy-to-install from the top side! No need to remove interior headliner to install!
  • Available in 5 standard stock lengths (45", 55", 65" 75" and 85"), these roof rails can be easily re-sized for custom applications. Rail height is approximately 2.25 inches to top of rails.
  • Black Powder-coat finish can be custom-painted to match vehicle's paint color.
  • Functional & durable side rails are made of T-6 tempered aluminum extrusions. All supports are molded from OE grade, high-impact UV stabilized glass-filled nylon materials.
  • Need to carry cargo? Quickly attach Mont Blanc Gripper Load Bars to our DynaSport™ Roof Rails for a versatile, fully adjustable load carrying system!

Please contact a Hitch City location near you, or fill out our Request Form for Aventura Roof Rail Size recommended for your vehicle. Load Bar length is determined by outside side-to-side rail spacing. See "Fitment Ranges" of load bars below.

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Load Bars by

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Square Bar

AeroWing Bar

Quick Installation/Removal Bar

Key Lock Security

MB Gripper Load Bars added to our DynaSport™ Roof Rails provide a 220 lbs Load Capacity!!
  • Rectangular bars available in 47", 62", or 74" crossbar lengths, galvanized steel with black vinyl cover.
  • AeroWing Bars available in 47" lengths, Satin anodized aluminum extrusion with black vinyl insert in top of crossbar. NOTE: Vinyl insert conceals "T-slot" in crossbar that accommodates our Sports Equipment Carriers and Odin Load Brackets.
  • Theft-Proof, Locking clamp assemblies adjust for variable spacing between roof rails.
  • Rubber-padded clamps protect roof rails from damage.
  • 3-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Fitment Ranges

Note: Last 2 digits in Part #'s below indicate crossbar length in inches. Crossbar length needed is determined by the outside-to-outside rail spacing dimension resulting from the installation of our DynaSport Roof Rails.

Rectangular Bars (22x32mm Black):
MB3747-B Fits side rails spaced 30-45 inches apart
MB3762-B Fits side rails spaced 44-61 inches apart
MB3774-B Fits side rails spaced 56-73 inches apart

AeroWing Bars (25x62mm aerodynamic Satin-Gray):
MB3747-AW Fits side rails spaced 30-45 inches apart

Manufactured in Sweden. Distributed Exclusively in the US Automotive Aftermarket by Perrycraft, Inc.

Please contact a Hitch City location near you, or fill out our Request Form for the Rack Size recommended for your vehicle.

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