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Heavy-Duty Load Bars by

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  • 220-Pound Load Capacity on most vehicles for carrying most any load type!
  • Easily attaches to most factory-installed (OEM) and aftermarket "raised-side-rail" style Roof Racks and Roof Rails.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Adding these Load Bars to factory-installed Roof Racks or Roof Rails does not increase the vehicle manufacturer's load capacity for said roof racks or rails. Please consult your Vehicle Owner's Manual for the specific Load Rating / Capacity.

  • If your vehicle does not have an OEM raised-side-rail Roof Rack or Roof Rails, installing our Aventura or DynaSport products in conjunction with our MB Gripper Load Bars provides a 220-pound load carrying capability.

  • Perrycraft-Aventura-RoofRails-MB


  • Easily attaches to most factory-installed (OEM) and aftermarket "raised-side-rail" style Roof Racks and Roof Rails.
  • Rectangular bars available in 47", 62", or 74" crossbar lengths, galvanized steel with black vinyl cover.
  • AeroWing Bars available in 47" lengths, Satin anodized aluminum extrusion with black vinyl insert in top of crossbar.
  • Theft-Proof, Locking clamp assemblies adjust for variable spacing between roof rails, as well as:
  • Full front-to-rear adjustability allows for spacing between crossbars to accommodate various load types (dependent upon rail type and configuration)!
  • Rubber-padded clamps protect roof rails from damage.
  • 3-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

  • MontBlanc-SquareLoadBars
    Square Bar

    AeroWing Bar

    Quick Installation/Removal Bar

    Key Lock Security

Fitment Ranges

Note: Last 2 digits in Part #'s below indicate crossbar length in inches.

Rectangular Bars (22x32mm Black):
MB3747-B Fits side rails spaced 30-45 inches apart
MB3762-B Fits side rails spaced 44-61 inches apart
MB3774-B Fits side rails spaced 56-73 inches apart

AeroWing Bars (25x62mm aerodynamic Satin-Gray):
MB3747-AW Fits side rails spaced 30-45 inches apart

Manufactured in Sweden. Distributed Exclusively in the US Automotive Aftermarket by Perrycraft, Inc.

Please contact a Hitch City location near you, or fill out our Request Form for the Rack Size recommended for your vehicle.

Installation Instructions for this product:

MB Gripper Load Bars.pdf

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