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Timbren SES - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I installed a rear kit on my pickup truck and it's almost touching the axle. The installation instructions indicate that I need a 1" gap. What should I do?
A. Remove the spacer supplied in the assembly. If you have already done this or if there is no spacer in the kit then take the vehicle out for a test drive. Often with a vehicle having a partial load, or a vehicle having an older suspension, the rubber spring may be in contact with the axle with no adverse ride quality. If ride quality does appear to be poor, contact Hitch City at a location near you.
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Q. I installed a rear kit on my pickup truck and there is more than 3 inches of gap between the rubber spring and the
axle. Is this OK?
A. Ideally, you want to adjust the rubber spring to within a gap of about 1 inch. In most cases this can be done with a spacer included in the suspension enhancement system. If you have already installed everything included with the kit, contact us at a location near you for a quick solution to this issue.
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Q. The capacity rating of the SES kit seems awfuly high. I am sure that I need less capacity for my application. What do you recommend for my needs?
A. The capacity rating of the suspension enhancement system is based on the nominal capacity of the rubber springs. The real question you seem to be asking is 'Will this give me a rough ride?".The product's progressive spring rate provides superb ride quality both empty and loaded. With a light load the rubber spring has lots of travel and the ride is cushioned by the hollow rubber spring. When cornering, swerving or in high wind situations, the improved stability offers great performance and peace of mind.
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Q. I'm experiencing a rough ride when my vehicle is unloaded. Can this be fixed?
A. If you have installed the Timbren SES and find that the vehicle ride quality is poor when empty, measure the gap between the rubber spring and the axle.(See Question and Answer #1 for further details and solutions.)
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Q. The rubber spring is touching the axle all the time. Will that hurt the truck?
A. The point of contact on a loaded truck actually is a secondary point of contact. The entire weight of the vehicle and payload normally contacts the axle at the point under the leaf springs. By adding a secondary point of contact (just inside this point) we are reducing the stress of contact at the original point and are spreading out the load to 4 points of contact on the axle instead of 2. As well, the progressive spring rate provides a soft uptake of the load rather than the sudden stop of a solid bump stop, again providing a good ride with reduced stress.
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Q. I have a 1985 motorhome with a badly sagging rear suspension. Will Timbren's SES (Suspension Enhancement
System) help?
A. Timbren's suspension will certainly help, but our systems are designed to work in conjunction with a suspension that is in good condition. We recommend that the motorhome be inspected by a suspension specialist to ensure the suspension is in good condition prior to installing a Timbren system.
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Q. Can I haul more weight on my truck if I install Timbren's SES kit?
A. You cannot exceed the manufacturer's axle rating or GVW rating of the vehicle. A Timbren suspension enhancement system will greatly enhance the performance of a heavily-loaded vehicle. You can expect the vehicle to have reduced sag and improved roll stability.
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Q. What are the benefits of Timbren's product as compared to an air system?
 A. Some of the advantages Timbren has over the typical air systems are:
  • Timbren Suspension Kits can be installed in about an hour
  • Suspension Enhancement Systems come with a Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Timbren products are trouble-free
  • There are no airlines to leak and no maintenance required
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • The cost is approximately half the price of an air system
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