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Extra capacity when the plow is mounted;
A smooth ride at all times

* Easy to Install
* Maintenance Free
* Trouble Free
* Easy to Install
* Satisfaction Guaranteed
* Lifetime Warranty
* Increase Spring Life
* Increase Load Capacity
* Maintain Level Ride

Snow Vehicle Suspensions

For Snow and Ice removal the Pros recommend Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems

Timbren has proven to be reliable even in areas where the heaviest snowfalls occur. Timbren
Ride Quality products are specified by municipal, state and highway departments for all snow removal equipment.

Whether you use a pickup to clear a small driveway or a class 8 highway truck with a wing blade,
Timbren Industries has a suspension enhancement system designed to provide a safe and level ride
for plowing snow in the toughest of environments.

These high performance suspension kits are specified on most state, county and provincial transport equipment for snow plowing. Many snowplows are also equipped with very high center of gravity salt spreaders carrying heavy loads that induce sway. The rear suspension enhancement system will
improve roll stiffness and absorb road shock.

Full Line - Timbren carries a complete line of suspension stabilizer kits.

Cost Efficient - Reduced maintenance costs and less downtime for snowplow operators

Smoother Ride - eliminate the high cost and harsh ride caused by added leaf springs or helper springs to carry rear mounted/top heavy spreaders

Longer Suspension Life - AEON Hollow Rubber Springs carry most of the added vehicle load, allowing a much longer life for your truck's suspension

When the snowplow is installed, powerful Aeon Hollow Rubber Springs progressively carry the additional weight, preventing spring sag and bottoming out
The design of the Timbren kit and the progressive rate of the Aeon spring mean that there is no interference with the normal activity of the suspension when the snowplow is removed.

Contact a Hitch City near you to find out which Timbren product fits your vehicle

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