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Whether you’re going to rack up your bikes and head down to the waterfront, or get out of town and hit the trails, Hitch City has a collection of bicycle racks that Greater Toronto residents will rely on.

Choosing the Best Bike Rack for You

We offer so many kinds of bike racks, it might be difficult to choose the right one. That’s why we have the best and most knowledgeable team in the Greater Toronto Area. Here is list of racks that our professionals can help you choose from:

  • Hitch Mount Rack
  • Platform Hitch Rack
  • Trunk Mounted Rack
  • Spare Tire Rack
  • Pick-Up Truck Rack
  • Roof Top Rack

Before buying a rack, keep these three things in mind: your car, your bike(s), and yourself.

Your Car

This is the first place to start, since the model of your car will determine the bike rack model. Consider the following:

  • Do you want your bike rack on the back or top of your vehicle?
  • Do you want a bike rack that fits more than one vehicle?
  • How often will you be using/removing the bike rack?

Your Bikes

You need to consider a bike rack that fits what kind of bike you have, as well as the number of bikes you will be loading.

  • Bike racks can carry 2–5 at a time.
  • Do you want to take the front tire off?
  • How important is security?


Last, but certainly not least, you should consider your sense of style, the amount you are willing to spend, and how much you value quality.

  • What is your budget?
  • Does the brand matter to you?
  • How durable or aesthetic is the rack?

Our racks are on site and in our showroom. This allows you to feel, see, and purchase your rack in one visit. We buy our Thule and SportRack products directly from major suppliers, which save you a bundle in long-distance shipping costs. We even install bike racks in our Mississauga, Scarborough, and Barrie Hitch City locations, providing customers with a full retail and service experience.

Take a look at our selection at a location nearest you, request a quote or  contact a Hitch City professional with any of your questions.

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