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Snow Blowers for GTA Residents

With winter comes the need for reliable snow removal equipment. But simply shifting snow off your drive and walkways with a shovel can become an arduous task when temperatures drop to freezing. Not to mention the heart health risks associated with shoveling snow in frigid temperatures. To shovel snow quickly, effectively, and safely, invest in the snow blowers Toronto trusts to get the job done.

At Hitch City, we carry a variety of snow blowers from Husqvarna®, a trusted brand known for reliable performance. These snow blowers come with various features and accessories to help you tackle even the heaviest of snowfalls.

Why Buy a Snow Blower for Your Toronto Property?

Investing in a snow blower offers many benefits, including:

  • Lightweight and portable – A traditional plow is too big for standard-sized driveways and walkways. And snow shovels take too long. Snow blowers offer the right balance between heavy-duty work and portability. Snow blowers are lightweight, making them easy to start up and move.
  • Time saving – Snow blowers allow for much faster snow removal than traditional shoveling. Even small machines can often move as much as 650 pounds of snow in a minute, meaning you can clear off 2150 square feet in about an hour.
  • Power steering options – The fast performance of snow blowers is thanks to their power steering. It makes them easy to maneuver through snow. In fact snow blowers that weigh hundreds of pounds can be pushed around with ease thanks to power steering.
  • Long-lasting – A snow blower is a sturdy machine that with proper maintenance can last for several years. Many snow blowers come with limited warranties as well.

Snow Blowers from Husqvarna® - Top Features

Hitch City is proud to offer Husqvarna® brand snow blowers in Toronto and the surrounding areas. With a Husqvarna®, snow removal is a breeze. Great features you can find on these snow blowers include:

  • Starter system – When temperatures drop, it can take a toll on batteries. This includes the battery inside your snow blower. Husqvarna® snow blowers have a smart starter system option that allows you to start your machine by simply plugging it into a power outlet and starting the engine.
  • No slipping or sliding design – Thanks to a cleated track-drive system, Husqvarna® snow blowers have great propulsion on slick surfaces. This allows for less slipping and sliding as you remove snow.
  • Heated handles – Husqvarna® snow blowers come with heated handlebars to make for a more comfortable snow removal experience.
  • LED headlights – Lights make it easier to remove snow from your driveway or sidewalks when light outside is limited. This is especially great for those who have to clear off early morning snow accumulation before heading off to work.

Contact Hitch City for More Details

Keep your property clear of snow this winter with a trusted Husqvarna® snow blower. Visit Hitch City in Toronto to learn more about the snow blowers we have in stock.

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