Spring has finally sprung and we can safely say that warmer weather is on its way. Now is the time to dust off your landscaping equipment and start getting your lawn ready for the season ahead. Keep reading for five easy tips you can use to jump-start your lawn care this spring.

  1. Rake and dethatch
    After the snow melts and the ground has had a chance to dry, it’s a good idea to give your lawn a firm raking. Over-raking can destroy your lawn, so there’s no need to turn to power equipment just yet. A good old-fashioned hand raking should be enough to remove the dead thatch and breathe new life into your lawn.

  2. Aerate, aerate, aerate
    If you’ve never tried aerating your lawn before, prepare to be pleasantly surprised with the results. For the uninitiated, aeration involves pulling small plugs of earth out of your lawn to allow the root system a chance to breathe. Whether you use a hand-held manual tool or a self-propelled walk-behind, tow-behind or stand-on machine, this is one piece of landscaping equipment that delivers results.

  3. Add a dash of lime
    As snow melts, the water run-off can leach nutrients out of the ground and make your soil more acidic. Adding a thin layer of lime to your lawn is a great way to neutralize the acids in your soil and encourage your lawn to flourish. The best time to apply lime is in late fall, but you can also apply in early spring provided that the ground is nice and dry.

  4. Reseed
    Adding more seed to your lawn while the temperature is still cool is a great way to ensure that you’ll have a healthy and robust lawn come summer. Once all the snow has melted, simply spread some topsoil over your lawn and evenly sprinkle the seeds of your choice.

  5. Invest in the right tools
    There’s nothing that can take your lawn care game to the next level quite like having the right tools at your disposal. Get all the landscaping tools and equipment you need in order to have your most beautiful and robust lawn ever.

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