One of the great things about owning a truck in Canada is knowing that you’ll be prepared for anything that the weather can throw at you. From the hottest summers to the coldest, snowiest winters, your truck will get you where you need to go. Another great thing about your truck is the number of accessories you can find for it that give you added protection for your truck or added comfort and safety for you.

With the ice, snow and salt, winter can be extra tough on your vehicle. That’s why we at Hitch City want to let you know about these three great truck accessories you can buy to make your life easier and safer this winter.

  1. Grip step / Step Bars
    Trucks that ride high off the ground can be great for going off the beaten path and dealing with the treacherous roads of a Canadian winter. Getting in and out of a tall truck, however, can be downright dangerous in the winter if you’re not careful where you step. Hidden patches of ice and potholes concealed under the snow can be a threat as you get in and out of your truck, since your centre of balance will be shifting awkwardly.

    That’s why we at Hitch City recommend adding a grip step or step bars to your truck. These handy accessories run along the bottom of your truck and give you an extra step between your cab and the ground to balance yourself. They’re made of a lightweight aluminum and require no alterations to your truck itself to install.

  2. Mud guards
    We all know how beautiful Canadian snow is to look at. We all also know, however, how dirty it gets after being pushed around a highway for a while. As the snow flies around, it only attracts more dirt and grime that eventually ends up on your tires and the stuck to underside of your truck.

    Mud guards can help keep any mess or damage from flying snow, rocks, and dirt thrown up by your truck’s tires to a minimum. Custom fit and made with a textured rubber, mud guards help keep your truck protected and extend its life. As a bonus, they also keep it looking its best for longer.

  3. Seat covers
    Whether you want something a little warmer to sit on in winter or you just want to change up your truck’s style with a new colour, seat covers can help. What’s more, if you are hauling anything or take a lot of passengers in your truck, seat covers can protect your car seats from dirt and damage.

Contact us at Hitch City today to find out more about our wide range of truck accessories. With our expert knowledge, we can help you get more out of your vehicle. We service Toronto, Scarborough and Barrie!

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