1. Planting only one type of seed
    When you plant only one type of seed, your lawn is vulnerable to all the weaknesses of that seed variety. By planting a mix of seeds, your lawn will be more resistant to disease and extreme weather conditions like draught.

  2. Forgetting to test the soil
    Testing the soil is an important part of lawn preparation and yearly maintenance. Knowing the pH level of your soil can help you decide which type of turf to plant and how to get the pH level to the ideal range for your lawn.

  3. Trimming too short
    The leaves of your grass are what absorb sunlight and allow photosynthesis to occur. So when you trim your lawn too short, you’re actually robbing it of its ability to gain valuable nutrients from the sun. Overcutting puts the lawn at risk of weed infestations, disease, and even death.

  4. Overwatering
    Contrary to popular belief, underwatering generally won’t kill your lawn, but overwatering it might. Too much water drowns the roots and deprives them of the air they need to grow. This results in a weak root system and grass that’s starved for nutrients. Not only that, but overwatering is a major waste of water.

  5. Bagging lawn clippings
    It’s tempting to bag up your lawn clippings for a nice, smooth finish. But your lawn clippings are actually an excellent source of nutrients for the soil. Opt for a self-mulching mower that will leave the freshly cut grass on your lawn where it can serve as free fertilizer for the soil.

  6. Not using the right landscaping equipment
    Using a mower with a dull blade or using the wrong type of equipment to care for your lawn won’t give you the results you want. If your mower is hacking up your lawn, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model from Hitch City.

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