Year after year, you rely on your landscaping equipment to get the job done. But even with proper care and maintenance, landscaping is rough and dirty work and your landscaping equipment can naturally take on some of that wear & tear. Keep reading to find out three ways you can tell if it’s worth it to look into landscaping equipment repair, and when it’s time to start shopping around for a replacement.

  1. It’s fairly new
    The average lawnmower will last for between five to seven years with regular maintenance, depending on how often you use it and how large your property is. Anything older than that might not be worth repairing. If however you’re having issues with a newer piece of landscaping equipment, then it’s worth looking into the cost of repair to compare costs.

    The most common types of repairs are usually quick fixes like broken pull cords, cables or worn belts—all of which can easily be replaced. Keep in mind, lawnmowers and other types of landscaping equipment require seasonal maintenance for optimal performance as well. You can take care of simple tasks like cleaning the undercarriage and changing the air filters yourself, or you can bring your equipment to our qualified technicians for a comprehensive pre-season tune up and/or help preparing it for winter storage towards the end of fall.

  2. It was running fine the last time
    If your lawnmower was running perfectly and then suddenly stopped, you may be able to repair it. The problem might be simpler than you think. For example, forgetting to drain the fuel from your mower before putting it in storage over the winter could result in carburetor-clogging condensation or sediment buildup. In this case, simply cleaning the carburetor may be all it takes to restore your lawnmower to proper working condition.

  3. Cost savings
    In some cases, the cost of repairing your equipment may be greater than the cost of buying a brand new model. This is especially true for simple, inexpensive department store walk-behind mowers. That being said, if you’ve invested a significant amount of money into a riding lawn-mower, then it will likely be more cost efficient to have it repaired by a landscaping equipment repair professional from Hitch City.

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