Fall can be a beautiful season, but the unpredictability of the weather can sometimes make towing a dangerous endeavour. Safety should always be your priority, so it’s important that you know how to adapt to the shifting weather conditions, in addition to ensuring that you practice proper hitch maintenance.

Dealing with unpredictable weather

Autumn can bring high winds, rain storms, and even snowstorms. Before towing, make sure that you’re ready to deal with any unfavourable weather conditions that may come your way. Check the forecast ahead of time to give yourself a general idea of what lies ahead, and be prepared for the worst, just in case.

Be sure to change from summer to winter tires — avoid all season tires, as they’re far less reliable — and always drive cautiously.

It’s also a good idea to keep a hat, scarf and spare set of gloves in your truck, so that you can keep yourself warm should the weather be cold when you have to hitch a vehicle.

Rust prevention

Driving in all kinds of weather increases the chances of your trailer hitch getting rusty, which poses a potential safety hazard. Any hitch you purchase will likely come with rust resistant protective coatings already applied. However, these can wear off over time.

Hitch balls can be protected by administering ball grease and by keeping them covered when they’re not being used. If rust does develop, scrub it off to the best of your ability with a rust remover, then apply rust resistant paint to the underlying metal.

Hitching devices

Before heading out, give your hitching devices a check once over to make sure they’re in good condition. This is a good time to check for rust, as well as to make sure that the hitch ball hasn’t come loose.

If you use a tow bar, check that it lies parallel with the ground after attaching the vehicle to it. Finally, make certain that your equipment has the capacity to tow the weight of whatever vehicle you plan on attaching. Every piece of equipment has its limits and it’s crucial that you’re aware of them.

Towing hitches, roof racks and truck accessories

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