As autumn approaches and the days get shorter, the trees in your yard start to shed their leaves. This means you’ll need to tidy up your lawn. Here are five tips to make this chore easier.


  1. Choose the right rake
    Using the right rake can make a world of difference. If you’ve been lugging around the same old rake for a long time, you may find that a larger one designed to prevent leaves from forming clogs on the tines makes the task go a lot faster.
  2. Work smarter
    Gathering leaves is one thing, but you’ll also need to dispose of them. Instead of dragging garbage bags around with you all over the lawn, use a large tarp or “dumpster bag” to gather leaves. These can then be unloaded at the compost site.
  3. Innovate
    Lawn mowers are one of the best ways to deal with a lawn full of leaves Simply “mow” your lawn and the leaves will be collected in the bag and even shredded, making this the perfect material if you plan on using the leaves as compost or mulch. And, if your lawn needs a little fertilizer, you can shred the leaves into small flakes that’ll decompose quickly and provide nutrients.
  4. Upgrade your gear
    You may want to consider investing in some new equipment. In particular, leaf blowers and leaf vacuums can be useful. These tools will speed up the chore considerably and they’ll dramatically reduce the risk of injuries due to repetitive movement. In addition, your property may have features that make rakes and mowers impractical. Also, they’ll let you deal with leaves that have accumulated in hard-to-reach areas like flower beds and under porches.
  5. Stay safe
    Remember to use caution and the appropriate protective equipment when doing yard work, especially if you’re handling equipment like a lawn mower, leaf blower or leaf vacuum. Ear protection is a must, especially if you plan on spending a long time operating the equipment. Eye protection is also crucial, as twigs and debris can get thrown around.


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