Trilogy X2T

Trilogy X2T



The Trilogy X2T by LEER™ is an innovative new tri-fold truck cover, designed with exclusive, patent-pending features that make it unlike any other cover on the road today. Our product designers looked at every component, searching for ways to make the new Trilogy X2T by LEER easier to install and remove, more efficient to use and more secure. Our engineering efforts have also resulted in better water management to protect your cargo. With Trilogy X2T by LEER, you have a dependable, versatile and easy-to-use folding cover that lets you do more at a moment’s notice, no matter how you use your truck.

•   Easy on, easy off
•   Exclusive latching system
•   Interlocking hinges
•   Superior water management
•   Vertical stowing
•   Accessories track
•   3-year limited warranty




  • • Textured panels
  • • Easy to install or remove; no-drill installation
  • • No annoying cables. Instead, a low-profile pinch release latch
  • • LED lights can be added to each latch assembly
  • • Panels held in stowed upright position with patent-pending, sturdy gusset
  • • Superior water management; no drain tubes required
  • • Innovative interlocking hinge offers extra support and security









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