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Separate the driver compartment from the cargo area for maximum protection against shifting loads. Hitch City is here to help you find the perfect bulkhead for your commercial van.

Cargo Management

Cargo Management

Manage and maximize the cargo space in your truck bed with products that you can brag about.



Hitch City can help you find the precise commercial lighting you're looking for your truck, van or SUV.



Allow your truck or van to haul anything you need it to with commercial racking systems from Hitch City.



Take control and organize the interior of your commercial van or fleet. Hitch City is your partner to assist and carry out your specifications.



Put an end to unnecessary stress on your suspension or equip your truck with adjustable lift leveling kits to obtain the results you want.

Tailgate Lift

Tailgate Lift

Simplify unloading goods from your truck and boost distribution with a tailgate lift from Hitch City.



Safe, secure truck toolboxes to fit your own unique truck. Protect and provide convenient storage space for your equipment with a toolbox from Hitch City!


Truck Caps

Truck Caps are functional and affordable. With a full array of options including custom paint, tool boxes, full size doors and double side doors, these caps can be custom built for your specific needs!

Truck Upfitting in GTA

Fleet managers consider upfit as ergonomically safe for drivers over the service life of vehicles. At Hitch City, we are focused to enhance your work productivity by working with you to achieve the best upfit package for your specific application. Besides this, we also provide towing and landscaping services. For more information, check out our website.

The Process of Upfitting

Trucks undergo a multi-stage upfit process which involves the following segments:  

Factory Upfitters

In this, your vehicle is modified by the OEM at the original plant. The modifications are limited to standard package design.

Body, Equipment and Trailer Upfitters

Generally, small-to-medium-sized companies produce a number of products for trucks and trailers. They supply the industry with commercial-use equipment and part stand accessories.

Equipment and Trailer Distributor

Your vehicle may need a variety of components and a distributor’s role is to obtain and install them. These suppliers operate the final stage of designing and building. Some are considered as full-line shops while others specialize in completing 2 or 3 specific works.

Trends in Truck Upfitting

With time, technology and techniques evolve and become more effective. In truck upfitting, the newest trends are:

Demand for Customized Re-Designing

These days the customers want to redesign the exterior and interiors of their vehicle. Our team of professionals looks into your specifications, type of vehicle, model details and advise accordingly.

Growing Interest in LED Lighting

A lot of truck owners choose LED lighting as it takes less energy, provides lumen and lasts long.

Rightsizing the Vehicle

We take a strategic approach by focusing on selecting the right size automobile. With greater choice, we effectively customize your vehicle to increase efficiency and lower operational costs.

Taking Weight out of Upfits

Some of the new trucks are bigger and taller with more cargo area. This means that more weight increases the risk of overloading. There has been a significant shift towards using lighter materials in upfits to increase payload capacity.

Hitch City has industry-leading brands available to you so you can achieve the results you want for your work truck or van.

Air Lift

Anthony Liftegates



Cargo Ease











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