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Why Husqvarna?

Simply put, Husqvarna empowers you to succeed as a professional. We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of our commercial-grade products. We offer one of the best Fleet Discount Programs in the industry. Our extensive dealer support network, comprised of many thousands of locations, is dedicated to excellence in both sales and service.

On every level, Husqvarna is ready when you are.

From zero-turn mowers and blowers to trimmers and chainsaws, Husqvarna has you covered. And the more you buy, the more you get in return. Husqvarna delivers maximum benefits with one phone call—instead of minimum benefits with many different companies (and many, many phone calls). No other company comes close to the range of our products.

Husqvarna is the world’s largest manufacturer of outdoor products. Our company's 325-year history of innovation says we aren’t going away any time soon. You can count on us to be with you for the long haul.

From premium professional equipment to affordable consumer options, Husqvarna offers an array of products—all built around the user, with superior design and unmatched performance.

Husqvarna's dealer support network is extensive, because we believe it’s our responsibility to position you for success. We provide our dealers with product information, online training, market data, advertising tools and more, so you'll always have the support you need.

Husqvarna has over 1.74 million parts ready to go. In the years ahead, we'll continue to build a robust and reliable parts network.

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Husqvarna Products


Robotic Lawn Mowers
Husqvarna Automower® will give you a carpet-like lawn by maintaining your grass rather than mowing it. The difference between maintaining and mowing? It’s the difference between a good lawn and a perfect lawn.

Automower® cuts just a little grass at a time, naturally fertilizing the soil with miniscule clippings. As a result, your turf always looks neat, green and healthy.

When you see the results, you’ll wonder why you didn’t adopt our bot sooner.
Zero Turn Mowers
Whether you own a home or a landscaping company, you know quality matters when it comes to a mower. Husqvarna zero-turn mowers are second to none, offering precision steering and maneuverability. The zero-degree turning radius means no blade of grass will be left uncut. Additionally, thanks to rubber isolators and ergonomic design features, you’ll enjoy a smoother ride during short mowing jobs and whole-day shifts.
Stand-On Mowers
The V500 is designed to help you cut more grass in less time. The heavy-duty fabricated deck is built to withstand extended shifts on the turf, while the powerful drive system will speed you through your work. All the while, you’ll be impressed by the mower’s precise cut quality— even on slopes or rough terrain.
Riding Lawn Mowers
Most Husqvarna lawn tractors feature pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission systems that allow you to keep both hands on the steering wheel while adjusting your speed and direction with foot pedals. Our riding lawn mowers are also designed with the gauges and controls easily accessible from the driver’s seat. The available, electronic or automatic locking rear differential increases traction when cutting wet grass or on slopes. From cruise control to an adjustable, sliding, comfort seat and cup holder, Husqvarna lawn and garden tractors offer the features you need to be comfortably in control of your mowing experience.
Walk Behind Mowers
All our lawn mowers are efficient and provide excellent ergonomics. Our self-propelled models significantly reduce the effort required to push the mower, and most models feature our 3-position height adjustment handle that allows you to choose your comfort setting. The compact design provides excellent maneuverability around trees and shrubs and folding handles allow for easy storage and transport. Husqvarna’s innovative cutting deck efficiently directs clippings to the collector minimizing the number of times necessary to empty the bagger. Our lineup of all-wheel drive walk mowers give you the power and traction needed for uneven terrain. All of our gas-powered mowers have powerful, easy-starting engines to ensure simple, smooth operation from start to finish.
Commercial Walk Mowers
If you're searching for power, look no further. Thanks to the 18.5hp engine, the 10cc Hydro Pumps and the 12cc Hydro Motors, the Husqvarna Hydro Walk Mower will deliver impressive power and torque – plus speeds of up to 7 mph. This translates into both power and faster cutting that never compromises with efficiency, even in difficult terrain.
There’s a Husqvarna Rider just for you. Our range covers everything from professional use to smaller machines suitable for the private garden. Regardless of which model you choose you will get true Rider characteristics - articulated steering, a front-mounted cutting deck and a comfortable driver’s position.

The unique steering system in your Husqvarna Rider allows the rear wheels to swing in underneath the machine. It will give you great manoeuvrability and intuitive operation, which means driving around obstacles will be easy.
Don’t be fooled by the small size of the electric motor. Our Husqvarna-developed, brushless motors deliver full torque at low revs, and 25% higher efficiency than a standard brush motor.

Whether you're using a weed trimmer do cut high, thick and wet grass, or using a chainsaw to do limbing or wood cutting, our battery powered equipment gives you higher and more consistent torque.

The Husqvarna Battery Series offers a unique combination of performance and durability, and the best part is they are completely maintenance and emissions free.
Battery Blowers
Husqvarna's battery blowers offer the lowest weight on the market along with a well-balanced design.
Battery Chainsaws
Our battery driven chainsaws give you all the power you need, but without the noise and fumes.
Battery Hedge Trimmers
The lightweight, quiet and battery-powered hedge trimmers are easy to use when cutting both vertically and horizontally.
Battery Polesaws
Husqvarna’s battery pole saws are lightweight and designed for superior reach and balance. The inertia-balancing wheel reduces vibration, minimizing operator fatigue and providing exceptional cutting performance.
Battery Trimmers
Our battery trimmers are lightweight, perfectly balances and easy to use.
Husqvarna Snow Blowers Snow Blowers
Husqvarna’s two-stage system snow throwers work well even with hard-packed snow by grinding it down before it is fed into the housing and discharged through the impeller. Our snow blowers are built to withstand the demands of harsh winters with heavy-duty, two-stage components featuring a cast iron gear box and impeller, each with a 10-Year Limited Warranty for years of trouble-free snow removal.
Protecting the environment is our priority and mutual concern. Together we have the power to minimize our strain on the environment. Husqvarna Chainsaws are all equipped with the unique X-TORQ® engine which makes them less fuel consuming and reduces the exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world’s most stringent emissions regulations. Our development never stops. We continually review and improve our line-up to ensure we’re delivering the most efficient chainsaws on the market.
Forestry Clearing Saws
We share your environmental concerns and consider them a top priority. That’s why we have equipped our clearing saws with the unique X-TORQ® engine design. It reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

Husqvarna forestry clearing saws are reliable and versatile. Select models feature an auto return stop switch. When the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. The gears and blades are designed for high cutting capacity and the bevel gear creates a blade angle that allows trees to fall in the right direction.
Pole Saws
Together we have the power to minimize our environmental influence. That’s why Husqvarna Pole saws are designed for fuel efficiency as well as low emissions. It will benefit your working environment as well as the environment as a whole.

Husqvarna pole saws offer a wide range of smart and ergonomic design features. The Smart Start® function enables you to start the unit quickly with minimal effort. The inertia-balancing wheel reduces vibration, minimizing operator fatigue and providing improved cutting performance. Our Balance Flex™ harness helps to evenly distribute weight to reduce the stress on your back and shoulders creating a more comfortable working environment.
Power Cutters
Our power cutters are robust, reliable and powerful machines. They will enable you to work in the toughest conditions, withstanding climate and fuel variations. Our feature DuraStarter™ means easy servicing and thanks to the dust-sealed starter device and the durable starter cord, it will be ready for work whenever you want.
Husqvarna Stump Grinders Stump Grinders
Husqvarna’s stump grinder offers the welded steel construction, heavy-duty design, powerful engine and compact size you want when removing annoying stumps. We make quick and convenient work of tearing your tree stumps to shreds.
Our tillers enable you to do your work safely, comfortably and with stability. The counterweight on our tillers increases weight on the wheels improving the balance. The heavy tread, agricultural tires provide traction in loose or muddy soil. An ergonomically designed handlebar with comfortable soft-grip and easy access controls, ensure you feel confidently in control of the machine at all times.
Husqvarna’s free-wheeling outer tine system provides unparalleled maneuverability and minimizes turf damage when aerating around the corners of landscape beds, other obstacles and any tight spaces. Side weights allow improved soil penetration, but remove easily for better balance on slopes and inclines. The simple design, low maintenance costs, and superior performance of our commercial aerators will exceed your expectations.
Husqvarna Dethatchers Dethatchers
Healthy grass needs air and room to grow. Husqvarna dethatchers allow you to quickly and easily remove any build-up of dead grass, leaves, stems, and overcrowded roots, promoting a lush, green lawn.
Husqvarna Sod Cutters Sod Cutters
If you’re looking to create a patio space or walkway, or expand your flowerbeds or driveway, a Husqvarna sod cutter is the machine you need to remove or relocate sod on your property.
Husqvarna's manual sprayers are ready for use in residential gardens, professional spaces and anywhere else you wish to beautify.

Husqvarna's manual sprayers are designed for users who demand greater reliability from their liquid sprayers, season after season. If you want to take your home's backyard or a customer's property to the next level of excellence, invest in a liquid sprayer you can count on.
The engine and starter on our gas trimmers are designed to start quickly with minimum effort, thanks to the unique Smart Start® function. The string trimmers also include an auto return stop switch. When the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. Your Husqvarna trimmer will be ready to go anytime you need to keep your lawn free of unwanted grass and weeds.
Hedge Trimmers
Husqvarna hedge trimmers are available with innovative features that deliver unsurpassed performance. X-Torq® engine technology reduces exhaust emissions and increases fuel efficiency. With Smart Start™, the engine and starter have been designed to start quickly with minimum effort. The simple yet strong design of our in-line gear box increases durability and improves visibility when trimming hard to reach hedges.
Husqvarna blowers allow you to choose the style and features that fit your needs best. Our 356T backpack blower is especially designed to emit low noise, enabling you to work without concern in residential areas. The 125 BVX handheld blower not only blows debris, but is also vacuum capable to collect debris. Professional landscapers benefit from our Air Injection™ centrifugal air cleaning system that reduces wear and extends the operating time between filter cleanings. From handheld to backpack, to tube mount or frame mount throttles, we offer solutions to make your tough tasks easier and more efficient.
Our commercial-grade brushcutters allow you to choose the features you need to handle tough jobs easier and faster. Smart Start™ ensures the unit will start quickly with minimum effort. Select models feature an auto return stop switch. When the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. X-Torq® technology reduces exhaust emissions and increases your fuel efficiency. Regardless of the model you choose, you can expect professional power and performance.
Chainsaw Accessories

We offer you a wide range of accessories that will ensure you have a safely and powerful chainsaw in the forest. From replacement chains to bars and helmets, Husqvarna has all the accessories and protective wear needed when you’re working with your chainsaw.
Riding Mower Attachments
Your lawn tractor is capable of so much more than just lawn mowing. With the right attachments, your lawn tractor can increase its versatility while saving your back. Whether you’re looking to improve your home landscape, to life heavy objects, or to clear snow from your driveway. Husqvarna has an attachment for your needs.
Personal Protective Gear

What to wear when you’re working should be decided by the demands of the work situation. We have designed different series of protective clothing and equipment that take that type of work into consideration.
Forest Tools & Axes
Forestry tools are unbeatable partners when needed. We have a wide range of axes, tools and accessories to make the simple even more perfect.
Give your Husqvarna product what it needs. Lubricants, fuel and filling equipment from Husqvarna meets all the high demands that you put on your product.



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