Trunk bike racks

A trunk bike rack can be perfect for transporting one or more bikes on the rear of your car – especially if your car doesn't have a towbar or hitch.


Trunk Bike Racks in Toronto

If your vehicle doesn’t have a roof rack, towbar or hitch, you can still transport your bikes safely and securely with trunk bike racks in Toronto and Scarborough from Hitch City.

Featuring industry-leading products from Thule®, we have options that allow you to safely transport up to 3 bikes. With secure and easy mounting, effortless loading and unloading, you can get on your way quickly and not have to worry about scratches or damage to your bike frame.

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Take up to 2 or 3 bikes on your travels

A trunk bike rack from Thule lets you and your friends or family take your bikes with you wherever you go – and still leave space for carrying gear on the roof if space is tight. Our trunk mount bike racks carry up to 2 bikes, while some models even have room for 3. Let us help you find the trunk bike rack that’s perfect for you and your bikes.


A Thule trunk bike rack gives you:

  • • Safe transportation of up to 3 bikes depending on the product
  • • Secure and easy mounting to the trunk of your car
  • • Easy loading and unloading
  • • Protection against scratches and other damage to bike frames



Safe and easy to mount – and use!

With many smart design features, it couldn’t be simpler and safer to fit your Thule trunk bike rack to your car as well as load and unload your bikes. And when you’re not using it, your trunk mount bike rack folds up flat for convenient storage. For maximum security, you can also choose trunk bike racks that you can lock to your car as well as locking your bikes to the rack.


Tested beyond all reasonable limits

Thule trunk bike racks are tested extensively in the Thule Test Center™, going from one ridiculously tough test to the next. We also put a great amount of thought into the design, with many smart features added to give you maximum ease of use. All so you can relax in the knowledge that your trunk bike rack is safe and secure, and you’ll be on your bike as quickly and easily as possible.


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