Roof racks

It all starts with a Thule or SportRack roof rack. Get the perfect carrier feet and roof bars then add options. Let us know your car details and we’ll show you what fits.


Get Ready for the Road with Roof Racks in Toronto from Hitch City


Roof Rack Systems


Roof Rack Systems

If you are looking to transport gear in a safe and secure manner, we have complete roof rack systems that fit securely and make for a stylish, aerodynamic addition to your vehicle. Our pre-assembled, all-in-one roof rack systems give you a convenient, straightforward choice. You can easily attach holders for your bikes, canoes and other gear with our roof rack systems in Toronto.


Roof Rack Components


Roof Rack Components

Our roof bars can handle the load whether heavy or light and always provide the safety and security you need. You have options including the standard heavy-duty steel square bars or lighter, stylish and aerodynamic solutions suitable for frequent use. Smart features include a textured surface for reduced wind noise, aluminum extrusion for extra strength and adaptability for additional loading options.


Truck and Van Racks


Truck and Van Racks

Open a new world of possibilities with our truck and van racks for added cargo capacity. Available in a wide range of carrying options, we offer Thule® products that are versatile, adjustable and aerodynamic. No matter what you drive, we can help you get the most out of your vehicle.


Roof Rack Accessories


Roof Rack Accessories

As your trusted supplier of Thule® rack systems, we have all the accessories necessary for a perfect fit. If you need more roof clearance or want to add security with a locking system, we have you covered. Our accessories make carrying gear with roof racks possible for all types of vehicles.


Get ready for your next adventure and make sure you can take everything you need by purchasing roof racks in Toronto from Hitch City.

Our roof racks are great for securing all of your special gear like mountain bikes, canoes, skis and surfboards. They also work well for cargo carriers, giving you the convenience of extra storage space.

All you have to do is supply your vehicle’s make, model and year and we’ll do the rest. We supply durable rack, feet and roof bars or make it simple with an all-in-one pre-assembled system that matches your ride perfectly for a worry-free ride.

Shop online today or contact us for more information.




Purchase Roof Racks in Barrie & Toronto from Hitch City

Start your adventure with safe and secure roof racks in Barrie and Toronto from Hitch City. Are you a mountain biker, kayaker or simply need extra cargo space for your family trip? We have durable and stylish systems that provide worry-free travel, no matter your destination. Buy online, come see us in person or feel free to give us a call with any questions.

To have a complete roof rack from Thule, you need:

  • • Safe and secure rack feet
  • • Heavy-duty and aerodynamic roof bars
  • • All-in-one, pre-assembled roof racks
  • • Roof rack accessories




With a roof rack, you can take your life on tour.

With a Thule roof rack, you’re all set to head off on your adventures and make sure you have everything you want with you. When combined with other Thule products, our roof racks are also a starting point for carrying the extra special gear that lets you live your passions – with holders for your bikes, your skis, your canoes or kayaks, and your surfboards. Not to mention extra-secure roof boxes and spacious carrier baskets for special cargos


Fully Tested to Ensure Reliable Performance

Our Thule roof racks go through extreme testing to ensure safety and a secure fit under any circumstances. 

At the Thule Test Center™, products only get the official seal of approval after they’ve been through the following:

  • • Numerous crash tests
  • • Wear and tear simulations
  • • Tests for extreme heat, cold, sunlight and damp conditions
  • • Tests involving harsh chemicals


Your safety and peace of mind is a top priority with our roof rack accessories, and we believe you shouldn’t have to worry about your precious cargo when travelling.

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