Surfboard and SUP racks

With a Thule surfboard car rack, you’re ready to chase the waves – just load your board and head out. Let us recommend the ideal SUP or surfboard roof rack.


• Please note that you need a roof rack in order to mount a surfboard and SUP rack on your vehicle.   Roof Racks | Hitch City


Surfboard and SUP Racks Toronto

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Be there for the perfect wave

Load your surfboard or SUP and get ready for the water – it’s really just that easy when you use the water sports racks from Hitch City. Our Thule® products offer designs for both cars and pickups and make loading and unloading a breeze. We are pleased to offer durable racks that have protective features to make sure your surfboard, SUP, sailboard (including the mast and sail) arrive at your destination in perfect condition.

Our surfboard and SUP racks are preferred by adventure seekers for the following reasons:

  • • Completely safe, secure and worry-free transportation
  • • The ultimate in easy loading and unloading
  • • Adaptable to most roof racks on the market







Tested for ultimate safety and security

Thule surfboard car racks are tested to make sure your board is transported safely and securely. At the Thule Test Center™, we put our products through crash tests, wear and tear simulations, as well as exposing them to extreme heat, cold, damp, sunlight and even harsh chemicals. So we know our surfboard, sailboard and SUP racks are up to the job, and you and your board will always get to your destination in great shape.


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