Galvanized Spreaders




Our superior sanding and salting solutions are now even better. Arctic's newest spreaders are engineered with two things in mind: ease and durability. Our spreaders and sanders are easy to operate and maintain, and offer an all-new level of toughness, courtesy of our innovative galvanized coating.

Your choice of gas or hydraulic drive, or 12 volt electric motor drive.

Available in four sizes: 4', 6', 8' and 10'.

Arctic Galvanized Spreaders







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Arctic Galvanized Spreaders - Easily Accessible Hood


Arctic Galvanized Spreaders - Dual Motor


Arctic Galvanized Spreaders - Galvanized Screen


Arctic Galvanized Spreaders - Galvanized Flow Gate

Easily Accessible Hood

Dual Motor for Electric Sander

Screen for Galvanized Sander

Flow Gate for Galvanized Sander

Supported by two chains, this hood protects all the electrical connection, motors, chain, belts.     AGE Dual Option with variable speed controller. Includes second motor for independent operation of spinner & drag chain to better control the flow of the material.     Top screens keep out large lumps of frozen product to avoid any jam up in the feeder chain at the bottom of the hopper     Operated by a handle, regulating the amount of salt coming out of the sander to spinner

Arctic Galvanized Spreaders - Chain Tightner


Arctic Galvanized Spreaders - Supportive Bearings


Grease-able Chain Tightner

Supportive Bearings

Allows easy outside access to tighten up the chain when needed     Two bearings installed to supports the shaft                    




If you have questions about which Arctic Galvanized Spreaders is best for you, please call or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Arctic Galvanized Spreaders Information Brochure
  Arctic Galvanized Spreaders Brochure

Model   AG4/E   AG6/H/E   AG8/H/E   AG10/H/E
Model Size   4'   6'   8'   10'
Length Inside   47"   71"   95"   119"
Length Overall   70 3/8"   94 3/8"   118 3/8"   142 3/8"
Width   50"   50"   50"   50"
Body Height   32"   32"   32"   32"
Capacity*   0.8 cubic yards   1.22 cubic yards   1.64 cubic yard   2.07 cubic yard
Capacity with Sideboards*   1.02 cubic yard   1.45 cubic yard   1.96 cubic yard   2.7 cubic yard
Weight AG (Gas)   647 lbs   775 lbs   903 lbs   1006 lbs
Weight AGH (Hydraulic)   -   621 lbs   751 lbs   854 lbs
Weight AGE (Electric)   634 lbs   760 lbs   881 lbs   991 lbs
* Water level using 2"x 4" Nominal Board Size. Please contact a Hitch City associate for more details.


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