Exterior Truck Accessories in Toronto

Exterior Truck Accessories in Toronto

Every day is full of hard work and tough tasks. Make sure your truck is prepared to get the hardest jobs done with the right exterior truck accessories. Toronto’s Hitch City asks: Does your vehicle have what it takes to haul and handle in the most demanding conditions? From bumpers and bed liners to mud flaps and bug deflectors, our durable truck accessories will let you take on just about anything.

Trucking Tough in Toronto: Exterior Truck Accessories To Overcome Anything

With all the heavy loads thrown in your truck bed and the unforgiving environment you drive through, your truck can take a serious daily beating. Luckily we have enough accessory parts to protect your truck’s exterior from the worst wear and tear.

Carrying, lifting, hauling, and towing are all possible with the high quality gear available at Hitch City. Need a new roof rack, tool box, or ladder rack? We have an extensive line of practical equipment to make your job easier. What about rain guards, bug deflectors, or running board options?

Our selection of protective and safety gear is second to none. Customize your truck into the all-terrain, utility vehicle it was always meant to be!

Balance Function and Flash with Exterior Truck Accessories

All work and no play is no way to live. Personalize your vehicle with exterior truck accessories in order to reflect the look and image of your choice. From custom lighting to chrome accessories, our exterior truck accessories go beyond just the practical.

Whether you want to make your truck a powerful work vehicle, a show-stopping luxury ride, or somewhere in between, the choice is yours! Hitch City is the place to make it all happen.

If you have an image in mind or you have a job to do, contact Hitch City to discuss the accessories available to you. Visit us in person at any one of our three locations in Mississauga, Barrie, or Scarborough and start customizing your truck today!

Exterior Truck Accessories

Hitch City has a versatile selection of Exterior Truck Accessories to suit your needs. Explore what Hitch City can provide for you and your ride:



Logo- SWS

At SWS Warning Lights Inc., we design, engineer and manufacture high quality optical & audio warning devices for municipal Public Works, Utilities and fleet vehicles. We source the newest and most innovative technology so we can provide the best quality amber lighting and related products in the industry.

Learn More About SWS


Logo - AVS

Whether you’re looking for vent visors or hood shields, AVS (Auto Ventshade) provides aerodynamic visor protection against sun, rain, wind, and the elements.

Learn More About AVS

BullBar-Aries Give your truck or SUV the attention or protection it deserves: a vehicle-specific Bull Bar. With well-known brands to choose from, you know you're choosing the best of the best: BullBar-UGuard

CargoManagment-CargoEase Manage and maximize the cargo space in your truck bed with products that you can brag about. CargoManagment-Decked

GrilleGuard-Aries Go all-in and accessorize your truck or SUV with a Grille Guard while simultaneously providing stylish protection. GrilleGuard-Luverne

LadderRacks-BackRack Do you need to transport longer items such as a ladder, but no means to do so on your truck? Look no further and get your ladder rack from Hitch City. Superior quality brands you won't find anywhere else: LadderRacks-WeatherGuard

Lighting-SWS Ready for that off-road adventure? Hitch City can help you find the perfect lighting you always wanted for your truck or SUV. Explore and learn more about the industry-leading brands Hitch City offers: Lighting-BrightSource
Logo-BrightSource Logo-KCHiLites
Logo-PIAA Logo-SWS

MudFlaps-HuskyLiners Protect your ride and those around you from the rage of the road with Mud Flaps from Husky Liners and WeatherTech. With either of these brands you'll be enhancing the look of your vehicle as well as protecting it from rocks and debris. MudFlaps-WeatherTech

Performance-KN Personalize and upgrade your truck or SUV with performance products from renowned industry leaders: Performance-Magnaflow
Logo-Borla Logo-KN


Logo - AVS

Rainguards with a unique custom-fit design that allows fresh air to circulate through open windows while keeping the weather out reducing interior heat and window fogging.

Learn More About AVS

RoofRacks-Thule Take your adventure with you! With vehicle-specific roof racks from Thule and PerryCraft, you'll be able to carry all the gear your heart desires! RoofRacks-PerryCraft

RunningBoards-Aries Indulge and have the freedom to customize your truck or SUV with a wide selection of running boards from Aries, Luverne, U-Guard and Westin. Hitch City is confident in helping you achieve the look you want: RunningBoards-Luverne
Logo-Aries Logo-Luverne
Logo-UGuard Logo-Westin

StepBars-Aries_3InchRound Customize your truck or SUV with a wide selection of step bars from Aries, Luverne, U-Guard and Westin. Hitch City is happy to help you achieve the look you want to enhance your vehicle: StepBars-Aries_4InchOval
Logo-Aries Logo-Luverne
Logo-UGuard Logo-Westin

Suspension-Timbren Put an end to unnecessary stress on your suspension or equip your truck with adjustable lift leveling kits to obtain the results you want. Suspension-ProRyde
Logo-AirLift Logo-Firestone
Logo-ProRyde Logo-SuperSprings

Toolboxes-UWS Safe, secure truck toolboxes to fit your own unique truck. Protect and provide convenient storage space for your equipment with a WeatherGuard or UWS toolbox today! Toolboxes-WeatherGuard



Custom towing mirrors by CIPA slide over your vehicle's existing mirror to give you a custom-fit and added vision while towing.

Learn More About Cipa



Van Racks from Weather Guard are engineered to make loading and unloading your ladder or equipment easy. These racks will increase productivity and keep everything safely secure. Explore and learn more how Hitch City can find the right van rack for you.

Learn More About Weather Guard

Winches-WarriorWinches Take on whatever your off-road adventure throws at you. Any recovery will be smooth sailing when your winch is from Warrior Winches or Warn. Hitch City is here to help you choose the right winch for you and your vehicle. Winches-Warn

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