Professional Grade Turf Equipment for Toronto’s Landscapers

Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mowers

Whether you have a postage-stamp backyard or you maintain commercial properties, you'll find innovative and high-quality robotic mowers, lawn tractors, zero turns and walk mowers from the professionals at Hitch City.

Saw & Tree Care

Saw & Tree Care

Whether you're a logger or tree care professional, you know the importance of owning the right tools. Hitch City will help you find the right equipment to get the job done. From professional chainsaws, top-handle arborist saws, pole saws and stump grinders provide hardworking pros like you with unmatched power and superior ergonomics.

Turf Care

Turf Care

High-performance parts and user-friendly designs make lawn care easy. We offer a variety of turf care equipment such as: lawn aerators, walk-behind edgers, sod cutters, seeders, stump grinders and dethatchers for the professionals who tackle the toughest lawn care jobs.

Grounds Care

Grounds Care

Heavy duty ground care and clearing equipment for those who tackle the toughest groundcare jobs all day long. We offer a wide range of string trimmers, hedge trimmers, brushcutters, lawn edgers and leaf blowers that give you the power, durability and efficiency that you need. Quality equipment that will pay for itself in no time.

Battery Products

Battery Products

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the electric motor. Cut through any property maintenance with a battery bundle from Hitch City. Keep your property looking beautiful with battery equipment. No noise. No fumes. No problems.

Turf Equipment Accessories


Hitch City has a wide range of accessories for yourself or your turf equipment. From protective clothing, spare parts and other accessories, we got you covered! With turf equipment accessories, these will allow you to keep working with confidence and maximum efficiency - in all situations

Professional Grade Turf Equipment for Toronto’s Landscapers

Landscaping is one of the first things we notice about any property, and it has the ability to drastically improve or decrease any perceived property value. Whether commercial or residential, improving your landscaping can be done with some hard work, a great plan, and the right turf equipment. Toronto home owners have found everything they need to beautify their properties at Hitch City for the past 25 years.

In addition to the great bed liners, towing, truck accessories and trailer repair services we are usually known for, Hitch City provides top-quality, brand name landscaping equipment to suit any job and cater to any budget. Our products have helped home and business owners perfect their lawns and grounds with only the best landscape equipment in the Toronto area. A beautiful landscape is just one call away! You can even send an email request to us!

No matter which of our locations are most convenient for you, we offer the finest landscaping and turf equipment in Toronto, Barrie, Mississauga, and Scarborough at prices you can’t beat. Take your lawn, garden, and grounds to the next level with the right tools to suit your needs. Ask our informed and friendly staff to help you assemble the right equipment for the right job, such as:

•   Lawn mowers
•   Zero-turn lawn mowers
•   Tractor lawn mowers
•   Push lawn mowers
•   Walk-behind, stand-on & tow-behind aerators

•   Spreaders and sprayers
•   Slicer seeders
•   Power rakes and dethatchers
•   Push lawn mowers
•   Sod cutters  

•   Soil compactors
•   Trimmers and hedgers
•   Leaf blowers and leaf vacuums
•   Tillers and cultivators
•   Chain saws and concrete saws

Start Landscaping in Toronto with Turf Equipment from Top Name Brands

When tackling any landscaping project, the quality of your finished work can be linked directly to the quality of your tools. Tackle any greenery with equipment that will let you safely and efficiently cut, trim, slice, and saw your way to a beautiful new green space. From a back yard lawn to a sprawling corporate garden, Hitch City can provide you with the means to get the job done. Whether you’re bringing home a simple push mower or heavy duty machinery, you know you’re taking home a quality brand that will last. Click on any of the brand names below to learn more.


Briggs & Stratton



Greenworks Commercial

Honda Engines


Kawasaki Engines

Kohler Engines



Contact Your Source for Landscape and Turf Equipment in Toronto

Hitch City is where quality equipment and trusted brand names meet the best possible prices! The same quality that our customers have come to expect from our truck parts can also be found in all of our landscape and turf equipment. If you have a daunting project looming and aren’t sure where to start, then contact us today and speak with our staff for the best recommendations.

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Perhaps your gear isn’t performing like it used to?

When you are looking for landscape equipment repair in Toronto, you should know that Hitch City can accommodate you. We not only service almost all the manufacturers we sell, but we can also repair just about any make or model you might have. Whatever the machine, small or large, bring it to us for expert service and genuine parts.

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