Lawn Mowers

Zero Turn Mowers


Zero turn lawn mowers can instantly pivot 180 degrees, allowing you to closely cut around features like flower beds, trees and shrubs. Landscape contractors prefer zero turn mowers because they can cover a lot of ground in very little time. Hitch City has a huge showroom! We will help you find the perfect zero turn mower just for you!

Walk Behind Mowers


Ferris walk-behind lawn mowers are professional-grade mowers that feature several cutting widths, ergonomically designed parking brakes and cut-height adjusters. They also feature easy access greaseable spindles and enhanced foot pedal support.

Front Mount Lawn Mowers


Front mount lawn mowers are ideal for landscape professionals that are looking to reduce trimming time under low-hanging branches, shrubs and fencing. These units are also extremely versatile when it comes to adding attachments.

Stand-On Mowers


Stand-on mowers have several advantages, including easy hop-on and off capabilities. This allows you to clear obstacles and use your time efficiently. Hitch City will be the one to assist you with finding the stand-on mower just for you!


Hitch City is your FERRIS STORE! That’s why Hitch City is proud to be an authorized Ferris dealer. Ferris lawn mowers are renowned for their efficiency, durability and comfort. They feature an ergonomic design that won’t leave you with aches and pains after a long day of hard work.


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