Ride-On Spreaders/Sprayers

Ride-On Spreaders/Sprayers

We take care of you so that you can take care of your customers. The Ferris line of spreaders and spreader/sprayers allows you to provide personalized treatment for each of your clients. No more one size fits all application of granular and liquid chemicals. These ride-on spreader/sprayers give you the flexibility to treat each lawn with the mixture it needs. With so many options, Hitch City is your professional to assist you when choosing a ride-on spreader/sprayer!


Ferris Voyager FS5250 Ride-On Spreader/Sprayer

Voyager FS5250

High capacity, high productivity, high profits - the Voyager is the ultimate spreader/sprayer in the market. With in-house designed hoppers that deliver 20% more productivity, this unit pays for itself quickly, bringing more to your bottom line faster.

Ferris Venture XC™ FS3200 Ride-On Zero Turn Spreader/Sprayer

Venture XC™ FS3200

Take control with its zero turn maneuverability and reach narrow spaces with its three section breakaway boom and spray wand with 25’ recoil hose.

Ferris Venture™ FS3100 Ride-On Zero Turn Spreader/Sprayer

Venture™ FS3100

Use for liquid and dry granular materials of up to 100 pounds and 24 gallons and powered by a Vanguard® V-twin engine.

Ferris Pathfinder XC™ FS2200 Ride-On Spreader/Sprayer

Pathfinder XC™ FS2200

Maneuver landscaping easily with its compact size and low-friction sulky pivots, no mechanical steering assistance is required.

Ferris Pathfinder™ FS2100 Ride-On Spreader/Sprayer

Pathfinder™ FS2100

Releases both dry and liquid material with a rugged and durable design for your job ahead.

Ferris Rover XC™ FS1200 Ride-On Spreader

Rover XC™ FS1200

A rugged spreader for dry, granular materials for up to 200 pounds providing over one acre of maximum coverage.

Ferris Rover™ FS1100 Ride-On Spreader

Rover™ FS1100

Ergonomic controls and its compact size allow you to take control of your job while also having it done efficiently.


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