Stand-On Blowers

Stand-On Blowers

Step up your turf clean up game with the Ferris line of stand-on blowers to ensure you leave behind clean, healthy lawns. Designed to provide maximum air flow and power for effective lawn clean up and debris management, the Hurricane™ signature patented Dual Air Flow System™ splits the air-stream for deep cleaning and blowing the debris to the desired distance. Hitch City will help you find the perfect stand-on blower just for you!


Ferris FB3000 Hurricane™ Stand-On Blower

FB3000 Hurricane™

Have confidence in the 7500 cfm and 165+ mph air velocity to make debris management a breeze with this Vanguard®-powered machine.

Ferris FB2000 Hurricane™ Stand-On Blower

FB2000 Hurricane™

Designed to provide maximum air flow and power for effective debris management with airflow of 4500 cfm and air velocity of 165+ mph.

Ferris FB1000 Hurricane™ Stand-On Blower

FB1000 Hurricane™

Nimble debris management with a compact frame, high-powered airflow, and patent pending foot-controlled deflector.


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Not looking for a stand-on blower?

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Not looking for a stand-on blower?

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