There aren’t many things better than packing up the tent and the family and heading out of the city to do a little camping, mountain biking or canoeing. The only things that can prevent you from having a relaxing weekend away from work are the weather and forgetting to pack the right things. That’s why we at Hitch City would like to tell you about the advantages that come with cargo boxes for your next road trip.


Cargo boxes are modular storage units that can be attached to your vehicle. They come in a few different sizes, colours and styles, so you can be sure that there’s an option for whatever car or SUV you have. If you can’t fit all the gear you’ll need for your next road trip in your car or SUV, cargo boxes will help you attach additional storage to the outside of your vehicle so you can be sure you’ll have all you need.

Typically, cargo boxes are made out of tough fiberglass or plastic. That means that they’re designed to withstand blows from the debris of the road. They’re also designed to be aerodynamic so, no matter where on your car they’re fixed, they won’t have a major impact on your car’s performance. If your car has roof racks, you may want to look into cargo boxes that can be attached to them. If you don’t have roof racks, however, don’t despair. There are models that can be attached to the rear end of your car as well.


Really, any car can potentially be equipped with cargo boxes. Even a convertible could support one at the back on the hitch. The most common use for them, however, is storage for camping expeditions. If you have a family, you know the surprising amount of equipment, toys, clothes, and supplies you need to move the entire troop to the park. With cargo boxes, that job gets a little bit easier.

Similarly, if you live in the city, have a smaller car and only get out to the wilderness occasionally, cargo boxes can be a great option. When you’re doing your daily routine, cargo boxes aren’t really necessary and can be removed. When it’s time to hit the road, however, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience when it comes to fitting camping equipment in a tiny city car. Just reattach your cargo box and you’ll have everything you’ll need for a weekend in the woods.

If you’re interested in solving your storage issues, contact us at Hitch City today to find out more about cargo boxes and roof racks. At Hitch City, we’re about a lot more than just hitches. We can help with any truck, van, or car accessories in the Greater Toronto Area.

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