Snow blowers all have the same basic function (i.e. to clear away snow), but they aren’t all created equal. There are single-stage, two-stage and three-stage snow blowers, which differ in key respects such as power, efficiency and durability. There are also various useful features that are only available with certain models.

Here are five features that are worth taking into consideration when shopping for a new snow blower.

  1. Self-propulsion
    Self-propelled snow blowers chug along without you having to do anything but steer. They usually have several speed settings, allowing you to select the pace that’s most comfortable for you or that’s most efficient for the amount of snow you’re dealing with.

    Self-propelled snow blowers can run forward and in reverse. Some models even have multiple reverse speeds. Self-propulsion comes standard with many two-stage and three-stage snow blowers.

  2. Power steering
    Snow blowers with power steering allow you to turn left or right with the click of a button. Together with self-propulsion, power steering makes removing snow an effortless task. Both these features are especially useful if you’re clearing large areas or large amounts of snow. They make snow removal less taxing on the body and less time consuming.

  3. Adjustable chute
    An adjustable chute gives you control over where to direct the discharged snow, allowing you to work more efficiently. Depending on the snow blower model, an adjustable chute may be controlled by a joystick, a lever or a crank.

  4. Headlight
    Some snow blowers come equipped with an LED headlight. This can prove highly useful when using your machine in the early morning or evening or during a snowstorm. Not only does a headlight help you clear snow more effectively in low-light conditions, it also makes you more visible to motorists.

  5. Heated grips
    A good pair of winter gloves is essential when using a snow blower, but there are times when you may benefit from extra warmth and protection. Heated grips are a useful feature for anyone who is plowing in very cold weather

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