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Since the company's inception in 1988, the mission of Rhino Linings Corporation has been to develop top-quality proprietary, high performance polymers. Rhino Linings takes pride in developing protective coatings products that time and again dominate the spray on lining market for industrial, commercial and retail applications.

As the brand name leader in the sprayed-on truck bed liner industry, consumers have come to know and trust Rhino® protective coating quality, strength and durability. Due to Rhino's strong brand presence and expansion of product lines, the company has continued to experience solid growth with each passing year.

The Rhino Linings® network consists of more than 2,000 applicators and contractors in more than 80 countries around the world. With top-performing polymer formulations, state-of-the-art application equipment and the quality hallmark of ISO 9001:2008 registration, Rhino Linings will continue to set the standard in the protective coatings and building product industries.

Rhino Linings offers World-Class Protection™ and continues to contribute substantial investments in distribution centers throughout North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. With these distribution centers, Rhino Linings is able to provide a stream-lined inventory model and prompt shipments to all locations across the globe, regardless of quantities required. Clients enjoy confidence in uninterrupted material supply.

Today, a growing number of domestic and international applicators and distributors offer Rhino Linings specialized formulations, comprehensive system packages, practical experience and professional support...all elements necessary to create mutually-successful long-term business relationships.


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Rhino Extreme™ coating is the most recent addition to the Rhino Linings® retail truck bed liner product line. What was intended to be a commercial and industrial coating has become our latest phenomenon! As with all Rhino Linings products, Rhino Extreme coating offers great chemical and corrosion resistance as well as superior impact resistance to withstand those heavy loads. Sprayed up to 1/8" of an inch, it is a protective coating that bonds to virtually all substrates of any dimension, including metals, woods, concrete and fiberglass. So if you want an industrial-strength truck bed liner...go Extreme!

Benefits to Customer: Typical Applications
• Excellent impact and abrasion resistance • Truck beds, floor boards, wheel wells, rocker panels, etc...
• Excellent corrosion resistance • Commercial vehicles
• Excellent chemical resistance • Blast mitigation
• Reduces noise from vibration and impact • Digesters and clarifiers
• High physical properties including tensile, tear and elongation • Excellent non-slip flooring when used in combination with a broadcast medium
• Secondary containment
• Concrete restoration such as manholes
• Pipe lines, interior and exterior
• Hard coat for EPS foam such as signs and architectural forms


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The products we offer to our customers are nothing but the best. We won't settle for anyhting less and neither should you!


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- Vehicle Application since the year of 2017.

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The nationwide warranty program reinforces Rhino Linings Corporation's reputation for producing the longest lasting, most durable spray-on truck bed liners in the world.

"Rhino Linings® applicators have always stood behind their service and craftsmanship," says Pierre Gagnon, president and CEO of Rhino Linings Corporation." However, the Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty program provides additional customer peace of mind when choosing Rhino Linings® products and services."

With the Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty Program*, the entire North American Rhino retail applicator network is offering consumers a uniform warranty.

• Nationwide coverage for your truck bed liner
• Bed liners are warranted to not crack, bubble or peel
• Coverage lasts as long as you own your truck

The warranty includes provisions for customers that may move to a new area and require retail applicator support. The Rhino Linings warranty is only available to the original Rhino Linings purchaser and is not transferable.

Contact a Hitch City location near you for more information.

Download Rhino Linings Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty

*The Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty Program was launched in October 2006 and is extended to applications performed in October 2006 to present. Warranty subject to restrictions and limitations.




► Rhino Linings protective coating is the spray-on truck bed liner brand most asked for by name! We offer the widest selection of professionally installed spray-on truck bed liner products, Rhino Extreme™ coatings included, which offers outstanding UV protection and color that's built right into the chemistry unlike other leading brands.

We develop and control the manufacturing process of our own materials, guaranteeing consistent and durable protection with the highest quality. Plus, we offer a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty that's valid at more than 850 Rhino Linings retail locations.

► Generally, there should be no clearance issues with the installation of other accessories - but it's always a good idea to consult your Rhino Linings retail applicator if you have an accessory with an installation tolerance that is less than 1/4".

► A professionally installed Rhino Linings® spray-on truck bed liner application typically takes about 3 hours. Check with your local retail applicator, but you can normally drop it off in the morning and pick up later that same afternoon.

► Yes, Rhino Linings® protective coatings dries to the touch in just seconds; though we recommend that you wait 24 hours for heavy duty use in order to allow the bed liner material to fully cure.

► Yes, one of the advantages of a Rhino Linings® spray-on bed liner over a plastic drop-in bed liner is that it maintains your truck's factory-designed drainage system. Drop-in truck bed liners often don't fit tightly enough and water and ice tend to settle under the liner, ultimately leading to rust.

► Yes, if you damage your truck, your local Rhino Linings retail applicator is equipped to make seamless, professional quality repairs. Contact a Hitch City location near you for more information.

► No, Rhino Linings® protective coating forms a direct bond to the surface of your truck bed, allowing efficient heat transfer (i.e. no thermo effect compared to a drop-in). In fact, it will actually "feel" cooler than the metal on your truck on a hot day!

► Each Rhino Linings® retail location is independently owned and operated, and each retail applicator is free to set prices at fair market value. Rhino Linings® recommends that you contact a Hitch City location near you and get a quote for your specific application. The price can vary depending on the size and length of the truck bed, or the type of application.

► All Rhino Linings® retail applicators offer a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty that is good for as long as you own your vehicle. The warranty covers issues like peeling, blistering, flaking or bubbling of the sprayed-on truck bed liner. If you happen to move, the warranty is valid at any other 850 Rhino Linings retail locations nationwide. For more information, please contact a Hitch City location near you and ask about our warranty program.

► Yes, the best way to position undercoating with Rhino products is to have it done during a "frame off" restoration. This would be siimilar to powder coating, where each piece is indvidually removed, coated and then reassembled. This approach ensures that there is a consistent coating without missed areas or incomplete coverage.

► Rhino Linings products can be applied to virtually any properly prepared surface for durable and long-lasting protection. Grille guards and bumpers, rocker panels, fender flares, floor wells, boat decks and boat hulls are just some examples. Rhino Linings products can also be used on trailers, ATVs, tractors, watercraft and anything else that will benefit from outstanding protection and corrosion resistance.

► Yes. Rhino Linings truck bed liner products have no VOCs (no possible health hazards) or CFCs (which can damage the ozone layer).

► Rhino Linings® protective coating and spray-on bed liner is designed to provide permanent protection for your vehicle. A Rhino® lining performs so well, you'll surely never want or need to remove it!

► Yes. Rhino Linings® spray on lining products are specifically engineered not to warp, crack, peel or split due to weather or other environmental factors. Our spray-on liners are engineered to withstand the severe cold of Alaska to the intense heat of Arizona, (temperatures between -40 degrees F and 190 degrees F). Unlike plastic drop-in liners or other spray-on liners, Rhino Linings products are formulated to withstand heavy-duty use while offering superior abrasion and corrosion resistance.

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