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Truck Bed Spreaders

Go through each snowstorm with ease! When you utilize truck bed spreaders, your truck or fleet will deliver top spreader performance, maximum material control and minimal waste.


Western Striker Compact Spreader

Striker (0.35 & 0.7 cu yd)

The WESTERN® Striker™ 0.7 and 0.35 cu yd stainless steel hopper spreaders offer the features and accessories that give you the performance, capabilities and efficiency of larger WESTERN Striker hopper spreaders, but in a more compact size that’s better suited to handle smaller spaces and jobs.

Western Striker Spreader

Striker (1.5 to 6.0 cu yd)

Minimize waste and maximize profits with the WESTERN® Striker™ stainless steel hopper spreader.

Western Tornado Spreader


For reliable, low maintenance performance, the WESTERN® Tornado™ hopper spreader has a variety of features built to put more control at your fingertips, delivering efficient salt and sand spreading operation.

Fisher Steel-Caster Compact Spreader

Steel-Caster (0.35 & 0.7 cu yd)

Designed in both 0.7 and 0.35 cu yd capacities, the all-new STEEL-CASTER™ stainless steel hopper spreaders have all the power and performance of larger FISHER® STEEL-CASTER hopper spreaders, but in a more compact size to better accommodate your smaller spaces and jobs.

Fisher Steel-Caster Spreader

Steel-Caster (1.5 to 6.0 cu yd)

The FISHER® STEEL-CASTER™ stainless steel hopper spreaders were designed for efficiency and engineered for durability.

Fisher Poly-Caster Spreader


Fight back with the FISHER® POLY-CASTER™ hopper spreader, loaded with upgraded de-icing technology to get you in and out of the storm quickly.

Arctic Galvanized Spreaders

Galvanized Spreaders

Our spreaders and sanders are easy to operate and maintain, and offer an all-new level of toughness, courtesy of our innovative galvanized coating.

SnowEx Helixx Stainless Steel Spreader

Helixx (1.5 - 6.0 cu yd)

The HELIXX™ Stainless Steel Hopper Spreaders are unlike anything else on the market with proven durability and corrosion-resistant benefits.

SnowEx Helixx Poly Spreader

Helixx (1.5 - 5.0 cu yd)

The HELIXX Poly Hopper Spreaders are a from-the-ground-up design based on extensive testing and three decades of SnowEx® hopper spreader innovation.


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